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About The Band

Raw rock straight from the soul. Down the Void are an exciting new band from Toronto, Canada. The fierce three-piece are known for their electrifying performance style and ability to really wow audiences with their spellbinding shows. Thrashing guitars, gritty vocals and hard-hitting rhythms; their signature sound is bold, untamed and dripped in raw rock energy. Inspired by artists like Black Sabbath, Motorhead, Pantera and


Alice in Chains, the group blur the line between lo-fi metal and heavy rock. Each band member brings their own unique set of sounds into the mix. On bass we have Nick Wolf who’s progressive approach to playing ensures the band continue to push boundaries and experiment into uncharted territory. On guitar and vocals we have Lou Sky, a dedicated blues man who brings luscious licks and rugged, raspy vocals. Finally we have Groovy T on drums, an all round rhythm wizard who’s always filling the gaps with awe-inspiring fills.

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