NEW ALBUM : Suburban Legends



Three dudes head up into the Canadian wilderness one hot day in July 2019. The mission; record a mind melting album for everyone to rock out to while also having complete creative control as well as not getting their wallets bled dry by the big studios. A remote cabin was found, a studio was erected, the boys, without any contact to the outside world, began to record their masterpiece. There was blood, sweat and beer, 14 days locked up in this cabin with nothing to drink but beer, nothing to eat but beer and so much goddamn weed it could kill willie nelson. The boys emerged 2 weeks later victorious! The mission was a success. The album recorded. Little did they know the next 6 months would consist of mixing, mastering and promotion of this album like they have never done before. The worked tirelessly day in and day out. Groovy T leading the charge and helping to direct the others as to what to do next. This would be a battle for their lives. March 20, 2020, the dust settles, grotesque amounts of beer and weed had been consumed but finally, yes finally out of the ashes the heroes arise! With them a single CD...Ladies and Gentlemen I give you

"Suburban Legends"